Message From The CEO

Blue Collar Objects is a disruptive force, using the BizzleSpace (an online, SaaS platform enabling idea and policy evolution in a highly transparent collaborative ecosystem) platform, Agile techniques, highly disciplined leadership and management, and an Insane Devotion to Simplicity to simplify how it is run, and how it interacts with Employees, Customers, and Business Partners to deliver unique business value to its customers.

Since its founding in March 2000, Blue Collar Objects’ objective has been to create and use technology to enable a decentralized, intentional crowd — whether the crowd be talented employees who must work from home due to family, health or other reasons; customers who exist anywhere on the planet and may be under-served; or service providers that offer extraordinary solutions to contribute from wherever they may be based. As a company, we seek to do good — to make the world better by using these techniques to increase the business access and participation of diverse, decentralized, self-interested parties. This “wisdom of crowds” notion permeates everything we do.

Blue Collar Objects is not just a company; it is the instantiation of a dream. It is a dream of realizing a company that seeks and attains win/win relationships with its customers, employees, business partners, and vendors. A dream of creating a company that will maintain its name, stay true to its ideals, and be revered generations after its founders are gone. A dream of providing an example of a company that achieves business success without being driven solely by the bottom line; one that cultivates an inspired, energized workforce hell-bent on achieving Blue Collar’s simple vision: “Organize the work of a Generation”

We will change the world.

Solomon Thompson Jr.
Founder and CEO
Blue Collar Objects
23 May 2006 (updates – 14 Dec 2020, 3 Mar 2021)