IaaS Case Study

 Research Institution Value Realization Platform


  • Prestige Corporation’s Research Arm with multiple labs focusing on different areas of Hi Tech Research
  • Each lab is tracking Artifacts produced and IP created
  • Sponsor Corporations fund research in labs
  • Labs partner with university when useful to enhance speed in, or quality of, obtaining research objective

Pain Points

  • Difficult to get aggregated analytics simplifying visualization of value delivered to Sponsors
  • Current input of performance data was tedious, across labs and partner agreements

Solution – Innovation as a Service

  • Through rapid Stakeholder research, quickly modeled the value streams
  • Within 6 months, iteratively delivered software innovations which automated data entry and Governance processes enabling reduction of effort to deliver outcomes
  • The Business model is a subscription which represents a consistent and highly affordable monthly fee delivering continuous Innovation, leveraging diverse skillsets including Transformation Consulting, Value Stream Mapping, and Agile Delivery of Value based upon a prioritized Product Backlog.


  • Uncovering of new Innovation opportunity due to the Transparency enabled with the continually evolving Value Realization Platform
  • Opportunity for stronger Sponsor engagement due to the simplified value visualization

Future Outlook

  • The relationship is gradually evolving from a vendor to an Innovation Partnership