What We Do

Agile Transformation

Helping Organizations Through Technological and Cultural Transformation


  • Agile Coaching – tailored to customer environments with the aim of a high performing organization (Scrum@Scale, SAFe, and other approaches for scaling Agile).
  • Staff Augmentation – Provide Humans in Agile Leadership roles who can  perform required skill sets for a Role as well as coach other team members in technology and Agile
  • Leverage BlueJeanTime platform architecture to rapidly build Software as a Service (SaaS) based systems and train developers and other roles on DevOps, architecture and scaled agile.
  • Use Scrum, Agile methods, in conjunction with the BlueJean Time platform, to maintain focus on incrementally delivering customer value
    according to their priorities in a fully distributed team environment
  • Free App: BlueJean Time Connect
    • A SaaS platform built and initially maintained by Blue Collar developers, agile coaches and scrum masters, and devOps humans and made available to distributed teams
    • Create a place that’s a secure, private collaboration environment for your company, associations or family
    • Execute Agile Project Management, ideal for telework and distributed teams
    • Securely store and share documents in your own private places
    • Direction is to open source the platform

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