The Checklist

Inspired by the book, The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawandi, ChecklistAnywhere on BizzleSpace lets you be Everywhere.

Do project management for small or large projects simply with checklists!  Owners and project managers can define the work in a simple checklist, assign the work to team members and watch the work unfold as workers check off completed items or make comments on the items to which they are assigned to get help or document issues.

Workers feel a sense of satisfaction as they complete their checklist of assignments.  Managers can know in real time when work is completed through feeds or notifications.  If a task is complex, with a mouse-click, create a sub-checklist to further define the work.

Also use checklists to establish a baseline for a key business process by documenting the steps in a checklist template.  Then simply duplicate the checklist, rename it,  and have assignee(s) check off the work and see your processes become instantly auditable as a timestamped record of every step is created by the workers.  Watch your quality soar!

The only training needed is explanation of a few cool feature surprises, unparalleled at this price.  This training is in a public place available to BizzleSpace customers.

Collaborate on documents, checklists, uploaded files and anonymous team surveys in a SPAM-FREE environment and in PRIVACY.

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Checklist Anywhere Advantage

The biggest advantage: Simplicity

  • Not priced by user so anyone in org can use
  • Create private workspace in 2 mouse-clicks
  • Work from mobile devices with minimal training

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