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Blue Collar Objects was formed to create an ecosystem where talented individuals or business entities could come together for mutual benefits though they might be geographically dispersed.  Over the years, we’ve evolved Agile management techniques and developed software to enable us to execute our initial motivation for forming a company.  Our vision is to organize the work of a generation.  This is a generation moving more and more to social and business structures where communications are online and relationships are often transient.  Below is a list of accomplishments leading up to the creation of a platform to simplify collaboration and doing work with teams composed of possibly geographically dispersed humans, but more importantly, simplifies the achievement of high performance teams in a transparent environment.

  • Founded (March 2000)
  • Built Waveform Test Tool for Navy and coached program in Distributed Agile leveraging Collab tools of the time (2002)
  • Led International development of Software Define Radio across 3 continents using distributed Agile PM and Collab tools
  • Built SaaS platform and Time Tracking and Contract Mgmt. App on the Platform
  • Worked with an Agency in Treasury to rewrite portion of their operational system as an App on our SaaS platform leveraging Collab tools to enable distributed Agile management
  • Built Weigh-in Automation and Roster App on SaaS platform for Fairfax County Youth Football League
  • Built Data Warehouse App on SaaS platform for Army using distributed Agile Management and wiki for collaboration
  • Built Suite of Collaboration Apps on SaaS platform and made available to consumers and biz and used internally with customers, vendors and employees
  • Coached Federal Reserve on Agile transformation
  • Launched platform enabling “Checklists in the Cloud” to simplified distributed teamwork and ability to create multiple private online work-spaces for that work

We have an Insane devotion to simplicity and as such continually seek ways to remove the unnecessary from what we do or produce. is the latest iteration of our journey to simplicity.

Blue Collar Objects

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